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Visual Composer


  • owenadmin started the conversation

    Visual Composer is saying I do not have a valid purchase. I need to get it verified for updates. I submitted this once before, you did not respond. 

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    wpgalaxy replied


    Please provide the WP admin account, let me check it.

  •   owenadmin replied privately
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    wpgalaxy replied


    We bought Visual Composer plugin and got its extended license. You should update Visual Composer from the latest version together with our theme. It is because that you do not have lisence key to update automatically. You need to update it manually. In addition, we are not the author of Visual Composer, so we have no right to give you lisence key.

    If you want to have own lisence key from Visual Composer, you need to buy Visual Composer from its author directly so you are allowed to update automatically.